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Structural engineering jobs are often considered a sub-discipline of civil engineering. Structural engineers design and analyze the structural elements of buildings and non-building structures such as bridges, accounting for the stability, strength and rigidity of the components and materials therein. Careers in structural engineering exist in many industries including construction, aerospace, shipbuilding and automotive. More Details

Structural engineering jobs involve:

  • Design structural elements such as beams, columns and floors or structural systems such as buildings, towers or bridges
  • Specialize in a specific type of structure, such as bridge engineering, building engineering, pipeline engineering or specialized mechanical structures such as vehicles, ships and aircraft
  • Understand and analyze static and dynamic loads including wind, snow, seismic activity, temperature or traffic, and how these loads affect structural components and systems
  • Assess structures for safety, quality and adherence to municipal and governmental regulations

Some examples of jobs for structural engineers and entry level structural engineer jobs include:

  • Structural Analysis Engineer
  • Civil and Structural Engineer
  • Forensic Structural Engineer
  • Senior Structural Engineer

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Location: Houston, TX
Company: WSP
Posted: 03.22.2019
Be involved in projects with our Houston Transportation Team and be a part of a growing organization that meets our client’s objectives...
Location: Norcross, GA
Company: DAVRON
Posted: 03.21.2019
We have an immediate need for a Structural Engineer who has experience with Forensic Investigations to join a well-established Engineering firm in...
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Company: DAVRON
Posted: 03.21.2019
We have an immediate need for a Director of Surveying and Mapping with GIS experience to join a well-established Engineering and Survey firm in...
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Company: DAVRON
Posted: 03.21.2019
We have an immediate need for a Florida Professional Licensed Surveyor / Professional Surveyor or Mapper to join a well-established Civil...
Location: Northville, MI
Posted: 03.21.2019
Education Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering (emphasis on geotechnical engineering) or equivalent degree from a 4-year accredited...
Location: San Francisco, CA
Company: The Ciel
Posted: 03.19.2019
YOU Our structural engineer (you) will play a key technical role in rethinking the structural design, processes, construction...
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Company: DAVRON
Posted: 03.18.2019
We have an immediate need for a Structural Engineer to join a well-established engineering firm in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Requirements...
Location: Chicago, IL
Company: TechniPower
Posted: 03.18.2019
On a daily basis, you will be handling the analysis/design of various structural projects to produce production models.   This is...
Location: Chicago, IL
Company: TechniPower
Posted: 03.18.2019
Daily you will do drawings for the various projects, mark-ups, create drawing sheets, create models for production documents (for complex...
NOTE: We have multiple positions available throughout the Olympic Region: Aberdeen, Lacey, Port Angeles, Port Orchard, Tumwater, and Fife. This...