Games Technical Artist

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Projekt 253
Austin, TX, United States

Phone: 512 518 1244
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Games Technical Artist


40,000 - 60,000

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Our client is seeking an experienced Technical Artist.
As a Technical Artist, you'll possess a comprehensive grasp of the game art creation process, encompassing modeling, texturing, and animation essentials. Your expertise will shine as you craft intricate art pieces by melding geometry, materials, effects, and Unreal Engine Blueprints.

What you'll do
Your role will entail providing technical support for art creation and fostering collaborative synergy within a sizable team. Responsibilities encompass crafting intricate materials for characters, weaponry, and environments, instituting workflows and artist tools for asset creation, and executing diverse visual effects styles, from realism to stylized aesthetics. You will also collaborate closely with engineers and artists to fine-tune content for diverse platforms, employ fundamental Blueprint knowledge for project implementation, contribute to the development of new tools using Blueprint scripts within Unreal Engine, adeptly manage multiple intricate tasks, and rigorously test and validate your work on target hardware. 

4 or 5 year degree
Proficiency in Rigging and Skinning, demonstrating adaptability.
Proven track record in creating and optimizing shaders.
A minimum of one year of relevant experience.
Competence in C++.
Familiarity with Unreal Engine.
Proficiency in Maya to enhance your skills.

What You'll Get:
Competitive salary and benefit package
A portfolio of diverse projects in which you will be involved based on your skill set and desire for professional growth
Working on AAA titles and in collaboration with the biggest names in the industry
Opportunity to work and hang out with a team of dedicated and fun-loving people

In the hybrid model, one of the following locations can be considered as an office location:
Brighton & Hove, located in the South East region.
Portsmouth, also situated in the South East region.
Runcorn, located in the North West region.