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EMA Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
Tyler, TX, TX, United States

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Shreveport, LA 

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Associate Designer is a position for someone who has experience with the design process, either at EMA or elsewhere. Should have some familiarity with codes, and the design process, and be able to consistently complete job deliverables and deadlines on time. Working knowledge of AutoCAD and REVIT is required.  Associate Designer will be responsible for learning the complete design process from beginning to end, time management, and communication/coordination with others.


Job responsibilities include:

Learn EMA’s design process to get projects to 100% or as close to 100% as possible.

Working knowledge of AutoCAD and REVIT

Performs design calculations, prepares material and equipment specifications, and provides preliminary sketches and notes for drawings.

Check drawings for completeness and accuracy.

Help train less experienced team members to gain experience and knowledge of EMA’s design process.

Communicate and coordinate with project managers, team members, team leader, owners, architects, etc. on design work, job schedules, and deadlines for each project.

Increase time management and organization skills by learning to review submittals, write addendums, as well as answering RFIs, ASIs, and emails in a professional and timely manner.

Prioritize and delegate through the design process for a project as needed.

Conduct field work as needed for design which may include but is not limited to extensive walking, the ability to drive to a job site, climbing on a ladder, crawling through crawlspaces, and walking on a roof.