Deputy Director of Roads and Transportation - Jefferson County

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Jefferson county Commission
Birmingham, AL, AL, United States

Phone: 2057162693
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Deputy Director of Roads and Transportation - Jefferson County


Birmingham, AL, AL 


$164,528.00 DOQ/E

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The Deputy Director of Roads and Transportation directs the day-to-day roads and transportation operations, including construction and maintenance of bridges, repairs to guardrails, maintenance of county vehicles, review of subdivision and utility plans, MS4 and stormwater management, acquiring property, installing and maintaining signage, planning roadways, bridges, and drainage structures, coordinating funding and disseminating resources to meet strategic objectives, and developing policy guidance within the Department. This individual directs the functional areas or operations of Roads and Transportation, ensures that employees have the necessary resources to accomplish goals, and assists the Director of Roads and Transportation in the execution of his/her authority in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating the activities of the Roads and Transportation Department.



The following Minimum Qualifications are required for this job. You must demonstrate possession of these qualifications by providing a detailed description of your related experience in the work history section of your application. Please describe your work experience in your own words to represent the work you have performed that is related to the minimum qualifications for this job. You must provide a resume in order for your application to be considered complete.

Degree Requirements

  • A degree in Civil Engineering (CE) or Construction Engineering
  • Possesses a Professional Engineering (PE) License within the State of Alabama (or, if possesses an out of state license, able to be licensed in Alabama within six months)


Specific Experience

  • Held role with progressive exposure to highway transportation- related work. Must be highway, bridge, federal aid projects, traffic, etc.
  • Held managerial role within a transportation function.
  • Progressive experience managing work groups.


Experience managing a work team or unit

  • Managed a work team or unit (8 or more people)
  • Experience as a manager (i.e., supervisory experience)
  • Responsible for setting goals and making key decisions at a team or unit level.
  • Worked with a budget for a team or unit (Preparation and management of the budget) both for teams and units and for projects.
  • Responsible for evaluating the performance of those within a team or unit.

Experience interacting with key internal and external stakeholders

  • Experience working in a high stress environment involving multiple constituents.
  • Responsible for a team or unit that delivers services to internal and external customers.
  • Held roles involving forging positive interpersonal working relationships.
  • Responsible for the development and growth of multiple others (e.g., coaching activities, formal mentoring)
  • Responsible for delivering complex communications to multiple parties (verbal and/or written)

Experience supporting the implementation and monitoring of work unit strategy.

  • Contributed to a concrete substantial change effort.
  • Supported the development and implementation of a strategic initiative
  • Responsible for managing and delivering results on a high-level project at the team or unit level (i.e., more than individual level objectives)

Experience working in environments that require adherence to high professional and ethical standards.

  • Exposure to essential work tasks and/or processes in non-profit or government, or in a private organization that has constraints resembling those in the public sector