Junior Surveyor

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City of Augusta
Augusta, GA, United States

Phone: 706.821.1850
Web Site: www.augustaga.gov

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Junior Surveyor


Augusta, GA 



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Uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology, equipment and methods to collect and process city infrastructure items. Perform surveying and construction staking services for County projects and issues related to development, roadway, drainage, and construction. Works within the guidelines of state laws, County ordinances, County and departmental policies and procedures, industry accepted survey, engineering practices, and standard operating procedures. Reports to Chief Surveyor or designee and works with co-workers, vendors, computer service personnel, employees and government agencies.
  • Collect, develop, and process infrastructure data using GPS receivers and software, perform land surveying and construction staking.
  • Performs fieldwork, measurements, elevations, monuments, physical evidence and identifying importance.
  • Surveys problems such as right-of-way abutments, legal access, etc. under the guidance of the Chief Surveyor or designee.
  • Performs field reviews on proposed right-of-way projects, abandonments, dedications, etc. under the guidance of the Chief Surveyor or designee.
  • Writes legal descriptions, prepares and reviews records of Survey Plats, and searching record under the guidance of the Chief Surveyor or designee. 
  • Implements the Final Plat and R/W Dedication process under the guidance of the Chief Surveyor or designee.
  • Researches deeds, titles, ownership's, and surveys.
  • Assists in right-of-way & easement determination for Tree Management program.
  • Trains and serves as resource to co-workers and other engineering personnel.
Education:  High School diploma or GED
Experience:  Two (2) years of experience in GPS data collection and surveying; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience, which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.

  • Considerable knowledge of GPS technology principles, concepts, and data-collection techniques.
  • Working skills in use and care of GPS and surveying equipment and performing all phases of surveying and GPS data management.
  • Ability to perform measurements of land to determine the position of any monument or reference point which marks a property line, boundary or corner for the purpose of determining the area or description of the land.
  • Ability to collect, enter attribute information for, download, and process positional information for various natural and man-made features as requested in a manner that data collected can be integrated into the city's GIS database.
  • Preparation and perpetuation of field note records and maps depicting field noted features and setting, resetting or replacing of points to guide the location of new construction.
  • Mastery of personal computer use and Working knowledge of drafting, surveying instruments, and performing engineering calculations.
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written, and demonstrated ability to work with a team or independently.
  • Must have a valid state operator/driver's license for the type vehicle operated. If State license is other than Georgia or South Carolina, applicant must obtain a license in Georgia or South Carolina within 30 days of employment

  • Possess or ability to obtain Georgia E&S Level 1B certification.