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Engineering Technologist


Fort Wayne, IN 



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Fort Wayne, IN client has a hybrid remote / onsite contract opening for an Engineering Technologist who is responsible to the assigned supervisor to perform entry level work activities and projects requiring the application of engineering technology knowledge in a safe, cost-effective and efficient way. Candidate will be supporting in planning and execution of Grid Modernization programs. Ideal candidate will be driven and focused on monitoring and tracking changes to support stakeholders.  Reviewing of scopes and recording points to update planning tools (Smartsheet).


  • Hybrid position- Will report to the office every Tuesday.
  • Candidates will report to the office daily for training.
  • Prefer candidates local to the area.
  • Will travel within I&M and OH territory. No overnight travel



  • Ideal candidate will have good organizational skills and provide weekly updates to ensure accuracy of information.
  • This is an entry level position for new graduates with a Bachelor's degree in engineering technology* in a program accredited by ABET**.* A degree in engineering technology is the preferred degree: however, engineering degrees will also be considered.** ABET - Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.
  • Acceptable alternatives are (1. a Bachelor's degree in engineering technology (non-ABET), plus a Professional Engineers (PE) license in any state of the U.S. or
  • (2. a Bachelor's degree in engineering technology (non-ABET) plus a Master's degree or PhD in engineering technology from a university with an ABET accredited Bachelor's program.


Essential Job Functions & Tasks:

  • Technical Proficiency: Possesses technical to entry level knowledge acquired from a Bachelor's Degree in an ABET accredited engineering technology program.
    • Demonstrates the ability to perform with proper guidance special technical functions required in the relevant area of assignment.
    • Gains familiarity with standards, codes, and regulations relevant to the area of assignment.
    • Gains familiarity with pertinent equipment, materials, systems, and business processes.
    • Assists higher level employees in handling well defined portions of routine problems.
  • Leadership & Guidance: Follows policies, practices, standards, and rules of the company and those regulations and procedures required externally.
    • Performs certain ongoing activities in accordance with established procedures with direction from higher level employees.
    • Performs work activities as assigned and coached by higher level employees.
    • Demonstrates ability to work with others in both supplying information and seeking assistance as necessary.
  • Planning & Organization Ability: Maintains required records to support assignments and prepares special reports for tests, equipment performance, projects and other reports as assigned.
    • Plans work in accordance with client standard planning practices.
    • Prioritizes routine work to meet the demands of the company.
    • Assists with providing input to annual budget, capital forecasts, five-year plan, and improvement requisitions.
    • Participates in planning meetings covering scheduling, operations, and maintenance of equipment.
    • Assists in the preparation of basic cost estimates using established guidelines.
  • Problem Solving & Initiative: Seeks opportunity to work beyond routine assignments by solving problems of light complexity. Actively seeks out information to increase technical knowledge in area of responsibility.
    • Applies technical knowledge in resolving basic problems encountered in assigned work.
    • Uses initiative in looking for opportunities to increase job knowledge/technical skills.
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills: Resolves conflict, builds consensus. Communicates and presents ideas clearly. Understands the agendas and perspective of others.
    • Communicates effectively, both verbally and in writing. Assists in the preparation of technical reports and papers. Listens to and understands instructions, and requests clarification as required.
    • Demonstrates the ability to be a team player. Relates to people in an open, friendly, and sincere manner.
  • Decision Making & Business Awareness: Develops an understanding of client's organizational structure and the specific role and responsibility of their individual business unit.
    • Develops a basic understanding of utility accounting and financing.
    • Demonstrates an attitude, ability and desire to listen to and satisfy both internal and external customers who use and depend on our work.
    • Participation in professional and business organizations is encouraged.
    • Develops decision-making skills under guidance of higher level employees.
    • Develops an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the local organizational unit.