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HeatTrak, LLC
Doraville, GA, United States

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Project Engineer


Doraville, GA 

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Project Engineer Job Description
1. Compatible with our 6 company core values: humbly awesome, respect for all, quality first, customer delight, take a stab, and have fun
2. Experience in designing, building, fixing, improving and testing useful things
3. Initiate, lead and/or support the development of new products & manufacturing/testing processes from start to finish, meeting technical, financial and timing requirements
4. Same as 3 but for improvements to current products and manufacturing/ testing processes
5. Lead and/or support the root cause analysis of product and process problems 6. Obtain regulatory certification on new products and maintain certifications on existing products
1. 5+ years experience in small- to medium-sized private company in any of the Requirements above
2. Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline, preferably mechanical, electrical or industrial engineering, or physics
3. Good understanding of thermodynamics and electricity 4. Broad knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes
1. Excellent project, task & time management
2. Efficient sourcing new & alternate materials and manufacturing service providers by internet, email and phone
3. Safe use of basic wood and metal machining tools
4. Proficient making & reading engineering drawings
5. Fluent English speaking & writing with very good communication skills
6. Very good grounding in physical principles and math 7. Able to easily move independently throughout the business campus 8. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
1. CAD proficiency
2. Fluent Spanish speaking and writing
Reports to Engineering Manager