Supervising Hydroelectric Power Utility Engineer

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Department of Water Resources
Sacramento, CA, United States

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Supervising Hydroelectric Power Utility Engineer


Sacramento, CA 



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Up to $158k for Senior Hydroelectric Power Utility Engineer Specialist Position.  Pensions, health benefits, and other benefits are included.  Final date to apply is 12/23/2022.
Positions are open for the Electricity Supply and Strategic Reserve Office in the Resource Acquisition Section and the Contract Development Section. The office is charged with helping to bridge the energy shortfall the State of California projected in the upcoming years and the reliability of California's grid during the transition to 100% renewable energy. Under state legislation AB205, the department is allowed to construct, own, operate, or contract for the construction and operation of, contract for the purchase of electricity from, or finance through loans, reimbursement agreements, or other contracts actions to secure resources for summer reliability or to preserve the option to extend the life of generating facilities. Knowledge and experience of power contracts development & negotiations, startup & site commissioning activities, construction management, NERC compliance, CAISO power markets, energy renewable technologies, or Power Utility Planning are desirable.  

To be considered, submit a completed State application (STD. 678), resume, and statement of qualifications. A statement of qualifications is a two-page maximum document typed in Arial 12-point font that describes why you are interested in this position and a description of the knowledge, skills, and abilities you possess that make you the best candidate for this position directly relating to the duties outlined in the duty statement. See below for the specific job duties, advertisement, and how to apply: 
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Taking the exam is required to be on the eligibility list to be considered for the position.  The exam is online and the exam bulletin is located in the following link:  The Exam link is located in the “Taking the Examination” section near the bottom of the exam bulletin.