Research Engineering Technician

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Advanced Technologies and Laboratories
Oak Ridge, United States

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Research Engineering Technician


Pittsburgh, PA 

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Research Engineering Technician
Location: Onsite at 626 Cochrans Mill Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236.
ATL International is actively recruiting an Engineering Technician to support our federal client in Pittsburgh, PA. This position involves human subject testing. It requires the ability to set up, maintain, and run experiments using complex equipment, develop custom test setups based on mechanical and scientific principles, and develop skills in aerosol measurement instrumentation.
This position will support scientific research for ATL's federal client.
  • Conducts hypothesis testing-based personal protective equipment (PPE) research with an emphasis on respiratory protection, protective clothing, and ensemble research; 
  • Encourages and conducts research related to innovative technologies to improve the use and usability of existing and new personal protective technology (PPT) products; 
  • Conducts laboratory and field research projects to measure performance, quality, reliability, and efficacy of the materials, components, and sub-systems used in PPT as well as complete equipment systems, especially for new or emerging hazards, and recommends criteria to improve the selection, care, maintenance, and use of PPT; 
  • Investigates emerging hazards and personal exposures to identify worker PPT needs and technology gaps; 
  • Conducts research to identify and recommend effective integration strategies and evidence-based test methods for PPT and PPE ensembles; (6) recommends performance, quality, reliability, and efficacy criteria for use in PPE standards; (7) studies and improves human/technology interfaces to understand better and mitigate barriers to effective PPT selection, care, maintenance, and use; 
  • Conducts laboratory and field-based research into the biomechanical, physiological, and psychological stressors and worker responses to PPT; 
  • Conducts research, develops interventions, and identifies innovative methods (e.g., new software tools, information technology, social marketing, training, methods, practices, equipment, etc.) for increasing end-user compliance with proper selection, care, maintenance, and use of PPT; 
  • Provides systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of PPT use and practices, including investigation of barriers to effective PPE use; 
  • Produces and disseminates technical information, research findings, training materials, and recommendations for PPT to improve the protection of workers; 
  • Evaluates and disseminate PPT performance trends published through the post-market surveillance activities; and 
  • Identifies and implements an effective communication and outreach program for stakeholders within the NIOSH sectors to inform end users of the proper selection, care, maintenance, and use of PPT.
BS degree in engineering or a closely related field plus three years of experience or equivalent