Silicon Engineer (10 positions)

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Silicon Engineer (10 positions)


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Silicon Engineer (10 positions), Google LLC. Mountain View, CA: Design, develop, modify, and/or test hardware needed for various Google Projects. MS (or for equiv) in Comp Engg, Electrical Engg, Electronics Engg, or a related field and completion of a university-level course, research project, internship, thesis, dissertation, or 1 yr of exp: ASIC physical, and digital design and DFT methodologies in process nodes below 40nm; Computer Architecture domain knowledge such as Pipelines, caching, virtual memories; Power/Performance analysis of ASIC design; Perl, Tcl, Python, Shell, and C; Building flow regressions and dashboards to demonstrate flow quality; Processor design, accelerators and memory hierarchies; and machine learning algorithms. Any suitable combo of ed, train, or exp is acceptable. Salary: $126,464 - $205,000. Sched: M-F, 9am—6pm. Send resumes to: Recruitment and Employment Office, Google LLC. Attn: Job Ref #: GOO43950 P.O. Box 56625, Atlanta, GA