Manager, AWS Cloud Migration

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Tata Consultancy Services Limited
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Manager, AWS Cloud Migration


Chicago, IL 

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Capgemini America, Inc. (Chicago, IL) seeks Manager, AWS Cloud Migration w/master’s in CS, engineering, business, tech, or related STEM/quant field + 2 yrs. exp. in software devel, IT/engr, consulting, bus analysis or related (will also accept BS + 5 yrs or no degree + 7 yrs in same fields). Duties: analyze, design, dev., config., test, customize & integrate soft. apps & proj. architecture/sols., w/ special focus on AWS Cloud Migration. Architect, design, implem., & support cloud-based infrastruct. & sols. Manage AWS infrastruct. w/ automation & orchestration tools. Optimize implementation, change & transformation projs./progs. & enterprise sols. using var. skills, incl. Windows & VMware solutions, cybersecurity & data privacy. Oversee efforts of lower-level programmers/analysts while serving as technical lead & mentor. Large % of time may be spent performing consulting services at client sites in various unanticipated locations throughout the U.S.  Must have experience in each of following: 1) AWS Cloud Migration in the entertainment and media domains; 2) Windows and VMware solutioning using VR Ops, VCops, & MDT; 3) Cyber security analysis using QUALYS; 4) Global data privacy using GDPR & CCPA. Must be willing to travel or temp relocate to projects at var. unanticipated locations throughout U.S. 9 am – 5 pm, Mon-Fri. Salary: $114,067. 
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