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Google LLC
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Software Engineer


New York, NY 

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Software Engineer (10 positions), Google LLC. New York, NY: Design, dev, mod, and/or test sw needed for various Google projects. Duties include: use required technologies to support, maintain, and upgrade code and participate in necessary redesign and reimplementation of existing components of Google software applications; work on small tasks that are part of a single-system project and/or small projects that are part of a multi-system project; implement, test, and maintain, as well as contribute to the design of, moderately complex subsystems; navigate relationships between parts of simple projects; and identify key stake-holders to involve in decisions, such as implementation, changes in interface, and revisions to existing design documents. BS (or foreign equiv.) in CS, Engg, Comp Info Syst, Math, Phys, or a related field and completion of a university-level course, research proj, internship, thesis, or 1 yr exp in: C++ or Java; dist. systems or multithreading; and mach. learning, mapreduce, or API dev. Salary: $160,000 - $280,000. Sched: M-F, 8am—5pm. Send resumes to: Recruitment and Employment Office, Google LLC. Attn: Job Ref #: GOO43846, P.O. Box 56625, Atlanta, GA 30343.