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Embedded Software Engineer


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Job Title: Embedded Software Engineer
Company: Unitron Power Systems - Garland/Dallas, TX Electronics Manufacturing

TITLE OF POSITION Embedded Software Engineer
DEPARTMENT Engineering
REPORTS TO Engineering Lead

Position Summary
Design and develop requirements, specifications, and software code for multi-board/multiprocessor systems. Work on low level application code. Individual contributor as well as part of
an engineering development team for state-of-the-art AC and DC power conversion products
ranging from 3.5 to 250 kVA.

Job Description
▪ Program using C language
▪ Write code for embedded processors: TI DSP’s, Microchip PIC Processors
▪ Develop for target environments without an operating system (“bare metal”)
▪ Develop using IDEs on PCs: Microchip’s MPLAB and Texas Instrument’s Code Composer
▪ Work with evaluation boards from chip manufacturing companies before actual hardware is
▪ Work with hardware engineers to debug and solve issues with new custom hardware boards
(“board bring-up”)
▪ Gather design requirements
▪ Design software systems and subsystems
▪ Perform software configuration control using version-control software systems
▪ Integrate and test in a lab environment
▪ Debug and troubleshoot firmware
▪ Utilize common electronic test equipment
▪ Design user interfaces
▪ Understand and maintain existing legacy code
▪ Utilize Microsoft Word and Excel
Principal Duties and Areas of Responsibility
▪ Determine system requirements and design specifications both from documentation, and
sometimes from informal communication including discussions with co-workers
▪ Must have the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements during the development process
▪ Determine priorities in regard to the overall software and product development schedules
▪ Create simple and highly maintainable software designs
▪ Create high-quality code in a quick and efficient manner
▪ Integrate and test code. Track and resolve software issues without close supervision
▪ Must be comfortable working in a team environment including during the system test stage
▪ Generate requirements and a plan for system integration and design validation
▪ Develop built-in-self-test code in firmware where practical
▪ Assist in the defining, checkout, and debugging of new hardware designs
▪ Become familiar with the existing aerospace and marine product line
▪ Support the production test department to resolve technical problems
▪ Provide telephone support for field service personnel on an as-needed basis

▪ Must have BS degree in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering
from an ABET accredited institution
▪ Documented US citizenship or legal permanent resident status

▪ At least 3 years of experience in related field

Physical Requirements
Must be able to climb stairs, sit, keyboard, see, hear, and read/speak English fluently