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Pro QC International, North America
McHenry, IL, United States

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Mechanical Engineer


McHenry, IL 



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About Pro QC International:

Pro QC International has nearly four decades of experience providing quality and engineering solutions in over 88 countries. Whether we're testing products, auditing suppliers, inspecting shipments or managing rework/sort projects, our skilled team of quality professionals represents the interests of our clients worldwide.

Quality professionals supporting Pro QC’s activities on-site within the United States are represented as 1099 independent contractors. Interested contractors must submit to a background and reference check and adhere to specific non-disclosure and Code of Conduct requirements.

QC Inspector Primary Responsibilities:

· Conducts quality control inspections of in-process and pre-shipment products at local facilities.

· Inspection duties include, but are not limited to: visual (workmanship) evaluation, functional testing as applicable (measurements, assembly, etc.), packaging & labeling verification, etc.

· Project scopes may include broader process evaluation

· Provides timely, detailed reports and photographic evidence of product, packaging, labeling, defects noted, etc.

QC Inspector Skills - Experience Requirements:

· Experience as a quality inspector, or applicable manufacturing experience in specified industries (CQE or other certifications a plus)

· Engineering degree preferred

· Experience with ANSI Z1.4 sample size determination and AQLs

· Ability to lift at least 20lbs as necessary

· Must be able to use MS Word and Excel to submit documents and reports within the time specified (usually within 24 hours after job completion)

· Ability to work well in independent and group problem-solving situations

· Ability to maintain a positive, professional disposition when adapting to occasional disruptions and unexpected events

· Flexibility in scheduling


· Hourly rates vary depending on experience and assigned shifts. Mileage is reimbursed at standard IRS rate. The IRS rate for 2022 is $0.625 per mile.

· QC inspections vary in time requirements, with one to two days per inspection for the general time required.

· Projects are either part-time or full-time 1099 contract work.

· Direct-hire is offered to clients as a Pro QC service and may apply in some cases.