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Drilling Engineers


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The Engineer, Drilling and Production reports to the Supervisor, Drilling and Production, but exercises
his/her statutory decision making responsibilities independently. Because of the nature of oil and gas
operations, the position must exercise discretionary powers on a 24 hour a day and seven day a
week basis. These decisions are made and operator actions approved without further review.
The position:
• Ensures that provincial liability is minimized as a result of position’s operational decision
making, policy and standards development activities;
• Ensures that field inspection staff are aware of variance orders, as well as determinations to
ensure compliance between documented decisions and actual field operating practice;
• Exercises wide ranging decision making powers to accommodate unforeseen circumstances
that may arise during drilling rig operations or completions and which are at variance with
standards of regulated requirements.
• Provides technical support to other functional groups within the Commission;
• Reviews and evaluates permit applications, exemption requests and proposed remedial plans;
• Participates in the development of regulations, guidelines, industry standards and best
• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with 6 to 10 years related experience
• Engineering experience and gas field operations
• Experience with wellbore design configurations, pressure controls and environmental safety
• Experience with use of computers to prioritize workload and generate reports and
presentations, and provide input on layout of electronic submissions of applications.
• Experience in varying degrees in preparing, submitting and presenting oil and gas regulatory
applications or programs to clients/employers
• Experience with sour oil and gas well operations and associated emergency response
The ability to apply new technology and theory to the analysis of wellbores, surface facilities
configurations and operations.
• Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, are essential. These skills are required
to provide and obtain information of a complex, technical or sensitive nature, clearly,
logically, concisely, correctly and completely, in a timely manner, and at an appropriate level
and format, while maintaining confidentiality.
We will provide the work placement/work permit (Visa if required) with our Corporate clients.
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