Aeronautical Engineer(s).

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Impact Ltd
Montreal, QC, Canada

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Aeronautical Engineer(s).





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We offer contract, consulting and direct hire positions for talented individuals across a complete range of disciplines and industries. 
Thanks to our dedication to understanding the needs and culture of our clients, we are able to respond to our client's specific needs more quickly and cost effectively than our competitors.
A Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering is required. Background in engineering disciplines such as thermodynamics, propulsion, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer would be highly applicable. The applicant must have a high level of analytical ability, good interpersonal skills.
The applicant must possess good written and oral communication skills, and must be willing to work in a team environment. Furthermore, the ability to organize, effectively plan and integrate multiple tasks is required.
Applicants with advanced training such as a MS or PhD studies with thesis work in combustion related disciplines would be considered.
Attractive salaries and packages (including life insurance, paid vacation,....).
We will provide the work placement/work permit (Visa if required) with our Corporate clients.
If you are interested by a high-level career in Engineering area, please, send us a resume thru email.