Project Engineer, Mine Services - 2022-18426

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Project Engineer, Mine Services - 2022-18426


Aurora, NC 

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The incumbent is responsible for providing mine/environmental engineering expertise and oversight for mine services-related projects at the Aurora mining facilities. This applies to overall safety, environmental, budgeting, reclamation, planning, process water control, productivity, and quality performance of the assigned project. 

  • Ensure all safety, environmental, productivity and quality targets are met for the Mine Services-related project(s) to which the incumbent is assigned
  • Maintain knowledge of the mine area, its equipment, operations, and interdependency of departments
  • Design, plan and manage reclamation projects working with Environmental department
  • Calculate waste disposal balances and manage stormwater and process water inventory
  • Identify, plan and manage projects that will increase and maximize the productivity and efficiency of the Mine Services area operations at Aurora--these activities must be accomplished while making sure that neither safety nor the environment is compromised
  • Ensure that the projects are completed in a cost-effective manner and on schedule; projects that address increasing efficiency and throughput must be carefully planned and managed
  • Have good teaming skills that include development of agendas, organizing meetings, tracking progress and providing routine feedback to mine services management--these tasks must be done while providing engineering oversight and gaining input from other sources
  • Be able to effectively communicate changes in operating parameters as well as dealing with new equipment and processes
  • Complete justification major capital expenditures for improvements in the Mine area

What you will bring:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mining, Civil, Mechanical or Environmental Engineering
  • Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and AutoCAD
  • GIS experience is preferred
  • Remote Pilot Certificate is preferred