Capital Project Engineer

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Robert W. Simril & Associates
NC, United States

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Capital Project Engineer





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You will Provide visible and active leadership in delivering excellent safety results. Identify and implement capital solutions to improve safety, reliability, and/or quality issues. Be accountable to deliver success from project development through project implementation. Manage multiple projects at any given time. Coordinate project execution and develop strong relationships with regional engineering organization (REO) staff engineers. Approve design for all engineering phases throughout capital project process. 

You need to bring skills in instilling safety as a core value within the team and effectively communicate a shared vision for safety. Action Oriented, Timely Decision Making, Decision Quality, Organizing, Planning, Informing, Perseverance, Priority Setting, Problem Solving, Drive for Results, Time Management, Customer Focus, Integrity & Trust, Interpersonal Savvy, Listening, Peer Relationships, Dealing with Ambiguity, Functional/Technical Skills, Learning on the Fly, Self-Development, Technical Learning, Managing and Measuring Work, Managing Through Systems.