Manufacturing Execution Systems Architect

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Robert W. Simril & Associates
NC, United States

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Manufacturing Execution Systems Architect





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You will provide subject matter experience with MOM / MES and industrial automation projects which includes leading projects and teams through the delivery of these capabilities specific to Production Scheduling, Production Execution, Quality/Deviation Mgmt., Production Report Management, etc. Assist in conducting digital manufacturing readiness assessments. Perform evaluation of technology standards, tools/products and solutions to make rational design decisions from both a business and technical perspective. Influence architectural strategy as technology evolves, with an emphasis on deterministic, re-usable and scalable solutions. Work with the domain architect(s) to ensure alignment with the current and future architectures for the integration of MES solutions with ERP software and plant automation equipment. Deliver the Level 3 (MES/MoM), and IIoT solutions.
You need to bring strong understanding of manufacturing business designs, business models, functions, processes, and job roles in manufacturing environments, as well as how they are impacted by digitization and emerging technologies/techniques. Understanding of data analytics (e.g., AI, Cognitive Analytics, Machine Learning). Familiarity with industry standards, such as ANSI/ISA-95 and ANSI/ISA-88. Knowledge OPC UA-DA, MQTT, XML, HTML, .NET, Visual Basic, SQL