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Robert W. Simril & Associates
NC, United States

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Manufacturing Engineer





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You will function as a specialist with respect to a specific technical phase of the planning function and which generally falls within the major areas of EOL (End of Line) testing, planning, tooling, maintenance, plant engineering, releasing, machine shop, assembly, etc. wherever a specific technical assignment may be needed. Work on assignments which may be specialized in nature but may also be broad based with coordination between other staff personnel to complete a larger project. Develop, analyze and manage Manufacturing/ Assembly Projects.  Assist in developing department capital and expense budgets.  Maintain the department capital forecast. Administer the assembly NPI process to ensure that Engineering drawings are released and processed on time for NPI build.
You will need a thorough knowledge of manufacturing concepts, EOL system control, testing & analysis, etc., gained through acquisition of an appropriate technical or university degree.  Experience in a metals manufacturing plant.