Sr. Avionics Systems Engineer - PR 2406

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Sr. Avionics Systems Engineer - PR 2406


Warner Robins, GA 

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P E Systems, Inc. genuinely cares about their employees. In addition to providing a challenging and rewarding career, P E Systems offers a very competitive benefits package.  We offer generous PTO and floating holidays along with Medical, Dental, and Vision plans.  We also offer a 401k plan with a fully vested company match, life insurance, company paid short -term and long -term disability, and tuition reimbursement.


This person supports Agile Combat Support (AFLCMC/WN) Program Office at Robins AFB in Warner Robins, GA as a Senior Training Systems Engineer. Performing Engineering Management tasks and interact with lateral AFLCMC organizations or any external agencies required including base facility, personnel, security, computer support, foreign disclosure, foreign travel, public affairs, test organizations and the building managers to facilitate and support uninterrupted day-to-day operations.

•    Provide support of the acquisition, development, or sustainment of weapon systems, subsystems, and support equipment.
•    Provide technical assistance to the IPTs as it relates to Operational Safety, Suitability, & Effectiveness (OSS&E).
•    Review Engineering Change Proposals (ECP), Requests for Deviation (RFD), and maintain system configuration baselines.
•    Participate in Technology Insertion discussions, Configuration Control Boards (CCB), and Technical & Programmatic Reviews.
•    Assist in performing Failure Analysis and the production of economical solutions to improve System Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability.
Engineering Operations
•   Support weapons systems lifecycle analysis of alternatives, creation of investment strategies, design, manufacturing, development, support and end-of-life processes.
•    Apply an understanding of DoD, AF and common engineering and scientific principles, criteria and procedures to improve planned and existing AF and joint service weapon system manufacture, operations, re-manufacture and de-militarization operations and oversight.
•    Assist in translating user requirements into system requirements.
•    Develop and review the overall system design baseline (architecture and interoperability requirements).
•    Assist in the review and analysis of proposals, specifications and Interface Control Documents (ICDs).
•    Support IPT meetings, TIMs, design reviews and audits, In-Process Reviews (IPRs), and other meetings.
Requirement Development
 •    Assist in the translation of user requirements into system requirements, which will be used to design, develop, fabricate, test and evaluate systems, subsystem and equipment for deployment.
•    Assist with the development of requirements and technology needs.
•    Assist with plans and policies necessary to improve and retain world class training system manufacturing, operations, re-manufacturing and demilitarization capabilities.
•    Assist in the performance of technical/mission analyses of existing and potential operational requirements.
•    Assist in developing system concepts and performing technological/trade-off study assessments of proposed designs.
System Design
•   Assist with the review of the overall system design baseline (architecture and interoperability requirements).
•    Assist with developmental planning support in evaluation of the military mission to be accomplished and related requirements documentation; define the set of military missions to be performed and the circumstances under which the mission will be performed.
•    Support technical meetings, technical interchanges, system requirement reviews, design reviews, and test readiness reviews.
•   Assist with the reviewing, analyzing, and evaluation of change proposals, including regulatory and other policy driver changes or proposed modifications for design feasibility and system compatibility.
•    Assist with the development and review of specifications, including system, system segment and equipment specifications, CDRLs, and ICDs involved in programs.
•    Support and conduct systems analyses to include system design, design feasibility, configuration audits, and state-of-the-art assessment.
•   Support the development and evaluation of Integrated Master Plan (IMP), Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and Systems Engineering Detail Schedule (SEDS) engineering cost estimates.
•    Assist in the evaluation of systems test plans (such as systems test plans/test and evaluation master plans) and provide recommendations; and participate in the conduct of system, subsystem and component testing.
•   Assist in providing systems/subsystems integration support for the acquisition, development and verification of systems and equipment.
•   Support the systems lifecycle including analysis of alternatives, creation of investment strategies, manufacturing, support and end-of-life processes.
•    Support and conduct engineering performance effectiveness, cost effectiveness, cost performance, lifecycle cost, maintainability, supportability, reliability, technical and schedule risk assessment, and scheduling trade-off studies.
Management Operations
•  Interface with and coordinate communications with all levels of management and functional counterparts.
•   Provide support to committees and boards established to discuss and resolve engineering problems and implement decisions involving the technical aspects of programs.
Data Item Evaluation
•    Assist in the evaluation and analysis of generated data items, to include, but not limited to, specifications, drawings, proposals, plans, life cycle cost estimates, SOWs, and reports.
Document Preparation/Evaluation
•    Support the Engineering team in the creation of documents such as System Requirements Documents; Systems Engineering Plans; Programmatic Environmental Safety and Health Evaluation; and Operational Safety, Suitability and Effectiveness Baseline Documents; and in executing Systems Engineering Assessments of the programs.
•    Support program management in the development and evaluation of IMP, IMS and SEDS.
•    Assist in the evaluation of system test plans and participate in the conduct of system, subsystem, and component testing.
•    Provide systems/subsystems integration support for the acquisition, development and verification of systems and equipment.
•    Evaluate and analyze Contractor- and Government-provided documentation for compliance with requirements; and shall identify system impacts and cost, schedule, and technical performance risks.
•    Support the development of program risk assessment and execute risk management IAW AFI 63-101, Integrated Life Cycle Management.
•    Assist in the preparation of briefings and reports that directly support the acquisition program.
•    Assist in the briefing of program status.
Technical Planning
•   Provide support for the design, development, production, procurement, and testing of aircrew and maintenance training systems.
•    Apply broad engineering expertise, analyzing and originating solutions to a wide range of issues.
•    Apply advanced theories, concepts, principles and processes to aid in the development and validation of new engineering requirements, technical approaches and product proposals that will improve overall system performance capability.
•    Assist teams of engineers and other functional participants to address major engineering proposals, issues, and problems in their areas of responsibility.
•    Recommend technical policies to establish and ensure consistency in the application of technical baseline engineering data and processes.
•    Assist in evaluating system test plans and participate in the conduct of system, subsystem, and component testing.
•    Support bed down planning at both CONUS and OCONUS sites.
Technical Support
•   Provide technical guidance, coordination and systems expertise to support major AFLCMC system programs.
•    Provide assistance for feasibility studies/technical evaluations to determine application and effectiveness of new technologies and concepts.
•    Provide assistance in monitoring technological trends and applications to maintain currency.
•    Provide assistance in the assessment of technical risks and recommend options for consideration by program offices.
•    Assist in conferences, meetings and support various types of investigations or ad-hoc discussions.
•    Provide support in the evaluation of aircrew and maintenance training plans, test procedures, test reports and evaluation of engineering change proposals.
•    Shall sign an NDA to provide assistance with source selections technical proposals.
•    Provide relevant comments and recommendations as a non-voting member of a source selection board.
Document Development Support
•  Assist with the development and maintenance of time-phased, event-driven Security Classification Guides (SCGs), Program Security Directives (PSDs), Technology Assessment and Control Plans (TA/CPs), and Program Protection Plans (PPPs) and the Anti-Tamper (AT) plan.
•    Assist with the development and/or maintenance of the Physical Security requirements for facilities/organizations to include preparing all required documentation for secure facilities.
•    Assist in the integration of US export and technology control laws, DoD/Air Force policy and instructions, and other applicable guidance into program protection planning.
•    Assist in the recommendation of changes to DoD, Air Force and program security policy and instructions.
•    Assist in ensuring proper filing of all records, files, documentation, and working papers in accordance with AF Electronic Records Management (ERM).
Program Protection Program

  • Assist with the PPP to include, but not be limited to, the following tasks:
  • supporting security working group
  • maintaining PPP database
  • identifying Critical Program Information (CPI) to include Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) and Criticality reviews
  • identifying program threats
  • analyzing system vulnerabilities and recommending alternative cost-effective security countermeasures that meet security objectives within the overall system design and program strategy
  • integrating flexible, cost-effective, and threat-based security process, plans and procedures to protect each critical weapon system during its life cycle
    •    Assist with technical requirements associated with procurement, modification, and performance.
    •    Assist in providing technical input for program requirements and assist in the review of the Contractor’s technical activities associated with training devices. This includes technical assistance in training system analysis, development planning, risk mitigation, hardware/software integration, acceptance testing, information assurance certification and accreditation, and facilities.
    •    Provide technical assistance in the integration of visual, radar, infrared/electro-optic and tactical environment systems and databases.
    •    Assist in providing technical assistance in flight systems/flight dynamics modeling design and development.
    •    Assist in providing technical assistance in networking/distributed mission operations of training system devices.
    •    Assist in the performance of the following tasks:
  • technical and systems engineering, cost estimation, and concurrency tracking of simulation systems
  • act as a PMO liaison at test events and SIMCERTs
  • assist with information assurance activities relative to training device certification and accreditation initiatives
  • assist with Concurrency Management to include investigating concurrency issues, defining concurrency requirements, obtaining budgetary quotes for concurrency issues, and developing the purchase description for modifications.
    Aeronautical Engineering Support
    • Assist in establishing test plans and procedures for identifying test parameters and collecting aircraft test data.
    •    Assist in the application of industry and military standards in the definition and enforcement of flight simulator requirements.
    •    Assist in the planning, organizing, and supporting of engineering efforts.
    Computer Engineering Support
    • Provide support for the DoD Defense Information System Network (DISN) infrastructure to include dedicated services such as point-to-point connectivity as well as Internet Protocol based services and Virtual Private Networks.
    •    Shall have IEEE Distributed Interactive Simulation and High-Level Architecture standards knowledge to provide assistance in engineering efforts to solve complex technical issues affecting network standards within a simulation environment.
    Human Factors Engineering Support
     •    Provide assistance in the assessment and evaluation of new state of the art concepts, technologies, policies, and processes for application to Training Systems Requirements Analysis (TSRA) and courseware development.
    •    Assist in planning, organizing, and supporting engineering efforts affecting TSRA and courseware development within a simulation environment.
    •    Establish and maintain effective professional working relationships with co-workers, and customers.
    •    Follow policies and procedures as described in corporate manuals and directives.
    •    Attend work each day during scheduled work hours unless on approved travel or time off.
    •    Perform occasional travel to contractor and customer sites, as required (see WORKING CONDITIONS below).
    •    Work flexible hours, including occasional overtime.
    •    Carry out other duties as may be assigned or requested.
    • May be required to travel to Outside Continental United States and Continental United States (OCONUS and CONUS) locations in support of program meetings, reviews, audits and other activities held at Government and Contractor facilities. 

    Office Work Environment:
    • Work is performed indoors with some potential risks to safety and health hazards related to electronics.
    •   Must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and a Master’s degree in engineering OR a minimum of 20’ years’ experience and an ABET-accredited Bachelor’s degree in engineering.
    •    Must possess an active DoD Secret Clearance
    •    Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite
    •    Must be able to transport self to various facility sites, as required. If using own motor vehicle, must possess a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

     Physical Skills and Abilities:
    •    May require lifting up to 25 pounds.

P E Systems, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for Employment without regard to race/ethnicity, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, marital status and disability (including physical or mental disability as well as pregnancy) veteran status or any other status protected by Federal State or local law.