Proton Therapy Service Engineer - Beam Little Rock

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IBA Worldwide
Herndon, VA, United States

Phone: 15713257400
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Proton Therapy Service Engineer - Beam Little Rock


Herndon, VA 

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Job Purpose:
Responsible for the installation and/or maintenance and/or repair of IBA equipment/systems (applies to hardware and software) at IBA or on customer's site, in order to deliver within defined timelines a final reliable working product, matching quality, performance, customer satisfaction requirements.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Perform all different aspects of beam-related commissioning activities, involving much time on night shift.
  • Maintaining a clean working environment and behavior in line with the safety and regulatory rules (radioprotection, electrical risk, etc.
  • Install equipment/systems accordingly to the defined planning, timelines procedures and “operating processes”. Adjust and fine tune subsystems
  • Test equipment/systems according to the specifications
  • Maintain equipment/systems according to the maintenance schedule
  • Repair equipment/systems taking all necessary actions to solve problems
  • Ensure equipment/systems are working properly with the required level of compliance/quality/technical performance/customer satisfaction
  • Train customer to use equipment properly and safely. Coach less experienced field engineers
  • Customer/colleague is able to operate on his own IBA equipment/systems with the required level of compliance/quality/technical performance
  • Counsel customer on available spare parts and upgrades, report potential sales to the Sales Team
  • Report and document interventions and actions undertaken with the required level of details and accuracy
  • Propose solutions that improve equipment reliability and operability in collaboration with R&D
  • Problems reported and documented in Bugzilla / resolved bugs on the spot, participation to design review
  • Appropriate key performance indicators (throughput, customer satisfaction, uptime…) are met. 


Education and Experience:
  • BS in Physics with a minor in Electrical Engineering
  • Experience in electronics/electrical system troubleshooting, mechanical system design and repair, and operations of large systems a plus.
Computer Skills:  
  • General Knowledge of Microsoft products such as Excel, Word, Access, Outlook are a must.
  • Basic knowledge of UNIX a plus.
  • SAP knowledge a plus. 
Behavioral Characteristics: 
  • Detail oriented
  • Good customer service mentality
  • Strong commitment to team work
  • Patient
  • Works well under pressure 
Physical Demands: 
  • Ability to lift >50 pounds repeatedly.
  • Ability to sit for long periods of time.
  • Good manual dexterity.
  • Ability to hear and speak clearly. 
Work Environment: 
  • The position is a professional position and the conduct of such a position should be the basic expectation.
  • More than 40 hours per week is sometimes required.
  • Rotating shift work including nights and weekends is required.
  • Occupational exposure to radiation
  • Work with high voltage equipment and magnetic fields
  • Work with hazardous materials