Senior Electrical Engineer

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Intelligent Product Solutions
Hauppauge, NY, United States

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Senior Electrical Engineer


Hauppauge, NY 

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Job Description:

Education Preferred:
Bachelor or Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Scope of Work:
The posting is considered a senior-level electrical engineering position intended for those with significant work experience. This position requires the ability to be an individual contributor and member of an integrated product development team. Senior Electrical Engineers will work on a wide variety of projects at all levels of product design with moderate responsibility and minimal senior management oversight. Engineers in this position direct and supervise the work of lower-level engineers and Engineering Aides, Technicians, or Drafters in support of assigned tasks.

Required Experience:
  • Minimum 7-12 years experience in electrical design and analysis as applied to small signal digital and analog design, and electronic/mechanical packaging.
  • Experience designing microprocessor and microcontroller sub-systems is required.
  • Quantitative skills include classical hand calculations of power, timing, noise immunity, thermal analysis, and detailed tolerance analysis for high precision systems.
  • Experience in applying circuit modeling and analysis is required.
  • Direct experience with CAD tools (Altium preferred) is required, with a preference for those with circuit simulation expertise.
  • Knowledge of FPGA/Firmware is desirable but not mandatory.
Functional Responsibilities:
  • Design mid to complex level parts and sub-systems of larger, more complex systems.
  • Perform tolerance analysis and simple engineering analysis of electronic sub-systems using classical hand calculations.
  • Work in the context of larger multi-functional teams, including other electrical engineers.
  • Required to work independently on smaller projects where they may need to direct the work of a small number of supporting staff members.
  • Expected to have achieved competency in schematic capture and design and PCB layout for high-speed digital and analog circuitry.
  • May be required to investigate and resolve complex problems.
  • Expected to be highly proficient in using CAD tools, particularly circuit simulation, for routine use in the performance of their duties.