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Engineering Team Lead


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About Order Desk

Order Desk is a multi-channel order management app that helps ecommerce merchants automate, organize and control their order fulfillment process. Our customers include merchants new to ecommerce, fulfillment companies managing stores for their clients, and internationally-recognized people and brands—to name a few.

We believe that:

  • Customer support is essential to making a good product. The problems and questions our customers bring to us are what create the foundation of every project we work on, so at Order Desk, we all do support. When we all help with support, everyone in our company is in tune with our customers and knowledgeable about our product and the way it’s being used.
  • A healthy culture brings purpose to our work. We are invested in each other, we lift each other up, and we respect that we are each human with lives, interests, and struggles outside of our jobs. We are serious about everyone on our team feeling safe, comfortable, and valued at work.
  • Being self-funded keeps us invested. We care about what we do, so we’re in it for the long haul and are committed to growing responsibly and working creatively within the constraints of our own progress. Our goal is to make a useful, accessible product based on the needs of our customers, not the demands of investors.
  • Remote work is the future. Being a remote company offers us valuable and diverse insight from a team of people all around the world. We believe in honoring the freedom to live our lives and care for our families and ourselves while practicing the self-discipline it takes to responsibly and successfully get our work done from wherever we choose to work.

About the Role

This is a full-time Engineering Team Lead position. You will primarily be responsible for managing a team of developers, their tasks, and project life-cycle.

Our application is written in PHP and is used to connect to over 300 third-party applications to send and receive order, shipment, and product information.

The entire Order Desk team is generous with our knowledge and our time, and we teach and learn from each other on a daily basis. Decisions are often made collectively based on the wisdom and experience we each bring to the conversation. We are willing to look beyond our own ideas and comforts to grow our potential and do the right thing for our customers and each other.

On a daily basis you’ll be responsible for:

  • Managing the developer helpdesk ticket system, which includes delegation, tracking, and writing out a plan for tasks.
  • Checking Slack regularly to help answer questions from developers and our support team, ensuring that your team has all the resources they need to complete their tasks.
  • Advocating for the development team during leadership meetings.
  • Empowering your team to make more technical decisions.

On a weekly and monthly basis, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Holding regular meetings to improve communication and monitor progress.
  • Planning regular one-on-one coaching and support sessions with your team, including career-mapping discussions.
  • Working very closely with the Leadership Team to engage in strategic planning.
  • Identifying skills gaps in your team and working closely with the People Ops team, to hire and onboard new members.


You must have a minimum of two years of team management experience.

While this is not primarily a programming role, understanding what your team is doing is essential. You should have experience in programming with PHP and using tools such as composer and git. You should be comfortable working in both modern and legacy PHP applications. You must be capable of debugging, troubleshooting, and thinking creatively to solve complex problems.

You have experience building and maintaining web applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You are familiar with object-oriented programming and can refactor legacy code for better readability and maintainability. You are not locked into using a particular PHP framework (Laravel, Symfony, etc.), but you are able to utilize appropriate libraries where needed.

You know how to collaborate with a team using Git. You are comfortable creating feature branches, squashing your commits, and rebasing with the main branch before you push your work for review.

Obstacles are not roadblocks to you; they are challenges to be figured out. You’re a problem solver who likes to find solutions rather than waiting to be told what to do.

You possess excellent interpersonal skills and communicate effectively with your team and other stakeholders.

You have an excellent ability to delegate tasks and monitor their progress, ensuring your team feels supported throughout project development and implementation.

You’re a learner and always want to find better answers and solutions. You aren’t afraid to be wrong if you know you can learn from your mistakes.

You have the self-discipline and motivation to work efficiently and honestly in a remote company.

You appreciate the balance between fun and professionalism.

You are excited to attend daily collaboration meetings with your colleagues.

You must be able to speak and write English fluently.

You can live anywhere outside of the US and are okay working during US business hours.


This is a full-time position. The salary for this role is $115,000 USD/year.

Our international team members are hired as contractors but considered full-time, permanent members of our team. If required for your location, health benefits can be discussed as part of your compensation package.

Non-US-based employees are responsible for their own tax and statutory deduction payments.

All team members get 3-4 weeks of flexible paid time off per year, six paid holidays, a technology upgrade program, and profit-sharing. When our company is successful, we all share in that success.

We get together in person once or twice a year for a company retreat—which we look forward to doing again when the pandemic is behind us.


To Apply

We are not expecting a cover letter and would rather you spend the time thoughtfully answering the questions we have listed. There are a few steps to our application process:

  1. Application Questions
  2. Follow-Up Questions
  3. Role Simulation Assessment
  4. Video Response
  5. Interview(s)

If you are moved to the next round, we will contact you to let you know the next steps.

This process usually takes a few weeks (approximately 3-4) from start to finish, so we appreciate your patience while we review each application. By the conclusion of this process, we will follow up with everyone who applied.