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Navy Career Center
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Nuclear Engineer


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  • No Experience needed, we will pay for your training and certifications & pay you while completing your training as well.

Nuclear Electrician Engineers:

Are responsible for the operation of a ship's electrical power generation systems, lighting systems, electrical equipment and electrical appliances. The duties include installation, operation, adjustment, routine maintenance, inspection, test and repair of electrical equipment. They also perform maintenance and repair of related electronic equipment. You’re responsible for troubleshooting the electric breakers and circuits aboard nuclear-powered ships like aircraft carriers and submarines.

Nuclear Machinist’s Engineers:

Operate and maintain steam turbines and reduction gears used for nuclear ship propulsion and auxiliary machinery such as turbogenerators, pumps and oil purifiers. They also maintain auxiliary machinery outside of main machinery spaces, such as electrohydraulic steering engines and elevators, refrigeration plants, air conditioning systems and desalinization plants. They may also operate and maintain compressed gas producing plants. Nuclear-trained MMs perform duties in nuclear propulsion plants operating reactor control, propulsion and power generation systems.

Nuclear Electronics Technicians:

Operate and perform maintenance on the electronic systems that make the nuclear reactor on Navy ships run. From submarines to aircraft carriers, these Sailors calibrate the actual nuclear control rods to generate power aboard these ships. After your training at Nuclear Power & Prototype School, you’ll be part of a watch team that enables the fission process, which generates steam for propulsion. Few can say they get hands-on experience in a nuclear power plant just three years out of high school—you’re one of them.


  • $38,000 Sign-up Bonus
  • $400,000 Life insurance
  • Free job training, Certifications, & College Credits
  • 100% Paid tuition for college
  • 100% Medical/Dental/Vision Coverage
  • VA Home Loans(Zero down payment when buying a home)
  • Free Gym Membership and access to base facilities
  • Opportunity to travel internationally for FREE
  • 30 Days Paid Vacation per year
  • Top Secret Security Clearance
  • If you are interested and would like more information call me at (213) 219-2315
  • Requries Enlistment in the Navy