Nuclear Licensing Engineer

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RCS Corporation
Charlotte, NC, United States

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Nuclear Licensing Engineer


Bellevue, WA 

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Job Description:

•    Assisting in the successful implementation of licensing actions
•    Coordinating with design personnel to ensure designs and design changes meet regulatory requirements
•    Preparing, reviewing, and maintaining licensing documentation in compliance with regulations and strict quality assurance standards
•    Interfacing with technical discipline teams, partners and contractors 
•    Preparing and reviewing technical material prepared by themselves and others
•    Reviewing correspondence to and from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
•    Drafting and assisting with safety analysis report (SAR) revisions and preparation
•    Preparing or reviewing safety and environmental evaluations

Key Qualifications and Skills

•    Bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited, four-year university or equivalent experience
•    Capability and willingness to adhere to strict quality assurance standards.
•    Self-Starter with ability to manage deadlines
•    Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel) and Adobe Professional
•    5 or more years demonstrated, applicable experience in nuclear licensing, or comparable field 
•    Familiarity with US NRC 10 CFR regulations and guidance
•    Familiarity with any content of 10 CFR 50 Construction Permit Applications
•    Strong communication skills desired
•    The successful candidate will possess a high degree of trust and integrity, communicate openly and display respect, and a desire to foster teamwork
•    Actual position starting level and title will be determined based on assessment of qualifications

Job Functions

Job Functions are physical actions and/or working conditions associated with the position.  These functions may also constitute essential functions for the job which the employee must be able to fulfill, with or without accommodation.  Information provided below is to help describe the job so that the applicant has a reasonable understanding of the job duties/expectations.  An applicant's ability to perform and/or tolerate these actions and conditions will be discussed and workplace accommodations may be made on a case-by-case basis following an individualized assessment of the applicant and other considerations, including but not limited to any governing safety standards.

Motor Abilities: Sitting and/or standing for extended periods, bending/stooping, grasping/gripping, fine motor control (hands)
Physical exertion and/or requirements: Minimal, with ability to safely lift up to 25 pounds
Repetitive work: Prolonged
Special Senses: Visual and audio focused work
Work Conditions: Stairs, typing/keyboard, standard and/or sitting working environment of >8 hrs./day 
Travel required: 0-5%