Technical Sales Engineer

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GAOTek, Inc.
ON, Canada

Phone: 8775859555
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Technical Sales Engineer



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In this position, you will either:

1. sell/support RFID & IoT readers, tags, systems, and services of GAO RFID Inc., or

2. sell/support hardware products and services of GAOTek Inc. to the geographical locations, markets, and industries of interest to you—specifically any market and any industry in the world which are of interest to you.


You will lead a team of assistants to complete the following goals:

1. to develop partnerships with other synergistic companies within the area of your focus to greatly help your sales, and

2. to help you perform the above tasks, write blogs, white papers, how-to, and other promotional materials.



You will start as an independent contract sale with a sales commission based compensation. Once you have proven that you can meet our goals, we can discuss various positions with you that consist of salaries and benefits—including salaried management positions.

Your commissions will be 40% of the gross profits of the sales you have closed. Gross profit is defined as sales price minus cost of goods sold. The gross profit of each sale shall be estimated individually by our office staff, with your participation. Your compensations will be paid out at the end of each month.



4+ years in IT Sales, Engineering Sales, or any Tech related sales career.



Remote; however, MUST be located in Canada.