Engineer V - City Traffic Engineer

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City of Chesapeake
Chesapeake, VA, United States

Phone: 757-382-6492
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Engineer V - City Traffic Engineer


Chesapeake, VA 


$80,081 – $115,000; Depending on Qualifications

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Would you like to work with the City that CARES?   Chesapeake Public Works Traffic Engineering & Operations Division is seeking a qualified licensed professional traffic engineer to manage all  traffic engineering operations and activities.  Are you passionate about shaping the future of transportation in the City of Chesapeake? Do you enjoy taking on complex challenges in design and construction of a variety of transportation related infrastructure?  Then the City of Chesapeake Public Works Department wants you to join our team of  transportation professionals. 

The ideal candidate will provide leadership to the Traffic Engineering & Operations Section, including operation of the City’s Traffic Management Center. Duties include, but are not limited to:
Oversees traffic engineering functions such as traffic engineering and highway improvement programs, customer service efforts, traffic engineering review of new development and city projects, studies of ongoing operational traffic issues or roadway safety studies/Road Safety Audits. Position will oversee all citizen requests for traffic engineering services, preparation of engineering studies, and issuance of work orders to the sign and signal shop or contract for implementation. 
Represents the City at Hampton Roads Transportation Technical Advisory Committee, Regional Traffic Operations Committee, and Bicycle and Trails Citizens Committee. 
Negotiates and administers engineering and construction contracts, such as an on-call traffic engineering consulting service contract. Position is also responsible for all traffic signal and ITS/TMC system installations by contract and other VDOT hazard elimination grant safety projects. 
Evaluates and approves all traffic control devices used to regulate, warn, or guide traffic that are placed along city streets and highways. Ensures substantial conformance with standards issued by FHWA in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), VDOT, or regulated by city code. 
Develops and oversees the implementation of policies and procedures to ensure flow of operations and accomplishments of goals. Assists in the preparation of the division’s operating budget. Supervises subordinate personnel within section. 
Oversees transportation planning functions to include revisions to the City’s Master Transportation Plan (MTP), collection of traffic and roadway safety data, submission and administration of grants for various transportation programs; including VDOT Hazard Elimination Grant, RTSP, and CMAQ grants, and coordination with Hampton Roads Transit bus service and the various railroad lines that operate in our city.