Embedded Software Engineer

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Alora Associates, LLC
United States

Web Site: www.alorasearch.com

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Embedded Software Engineer



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As a member of our cross-functional engineering team, you will conceive, design and develop innovative and intuitive software systems that help users save energy, improve comfort, and enhance the functionality of every space.  In this role, your unique talents will help us discover new technologies, design techniques, and process improvement methods to bring elegant solutions to our customers.    
  • IoT Edge systems to design and implement customer customer-facing software capabilities
  • Building embedded applications on ARM architecture using C++, Go, and Linux
  • Using interface-driven design to unify business functions across multiple teams and technologies
  • Architecting stable, efficient and scalable platforms upon which world-class embedded software applications can be built.
  • Researching emerging technology trends and working with external consultants to improve the overall software offering
  • Building world class IoT systems providing an exquisite user experience
  • Implementing loosely coupled, scalable, resilient and secure systems
  • Look for innovative opportunities to apply new techniques, processes, and technologies
  • Keeping on top of emerging technology trends, especially related to IoT and smart home technologies 
  • 3+ years of industry experience
  • BS Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Electrical Engineering
  • Solid Computer Science fundamentals including data structures, object-oriented programming concepts, algorithm design and run-time analysis
  • Multi-threaded, asynchronous and concurrent application design and development
  • High-level programming languages such as C++, Go, and Python
  • Fundamental database design principles