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Senior Process Engineer


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Senior Process Engineer I - EPI
We are looking for a talented Senior Process Engineer to join our team in Phoenix, Arizona.        
  • Develop semiconductor Epi films to meet the requirements of semiconductor devices through sharing of relevant knowledge and contributing creative and imaginative inputs to (1) process development, (2) product design and performance enhancement.
  • Generate innovative process solutions to address critical process problems -   Maintain pace with key inflections in the semiconductor industry and drive process development efforts to develop innovative solutions for opportunities created by the inflections.  Technical publications and generation of IP is essential function of this position.
  • With direct coordination of department manager and review of appropriate level of HR management, may be assigned supervisory duties over supporting process engineering technicians and aides.  These supervisory duties will include direct input into employees’ performance evaluations, discipline and discharge.
  • Creative problem solver with experience in developing new films for emerging applications and experience in chemistry/materials characterization
  • Works with semiconductor processing equipment to research, develop and optimize unit processes focused on the deposition of Epitaxial films
  • Designs and conducts experiments, in addition to measuring and interpreting experimental output, aimed at fulfilling stated objectives using DOEs
  • Participates in and drives technical problem solving sessions using the scientific method and industry tools
  • Takes an hands-on approach to solving process & equipment issues in a cross functional team environment
  • Works with customers and marketing to understand and define requirements in order to successfully execute and document customer demonstrations. 
  • Provides process results-based insight to engineering towards the improvement of the product (process performance, reliability and other critical HVM criteria).
  • Develops methods and techniques for integrating Epitaxial films into existing and future device technologies.
  • Ensures successful process transfer to customer base by performing demonstrations, training field applications personnel, traveling to support remote sites (10 ~ 20% travel may be required), and drafting documentation regarding process development.
  • Produces technical papers on process, equipment, and device integration improvement strategies and presents to professional audience.
Education & Experience:
  • PhD degree in chemical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering, or physics.  
  • Experience in the semiconductor / equipment process & manufacturing industry. 
  • Solid knowledge and hands-on experience of using Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment for the development of epitaxial films for the semiconductor device manufacturing.  Preference will be given to candidates who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in the growth and characterization of Group IV Epitaxial films such as Si, SiP, SiCP,  SiGe, Ge etc.  Experience with of III-V films is desirable.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with plasma based chemistries for the deposition of films for semiconductor applications and surface modification is highly desired. Knowledge of plasma physics and concepts as it relates to deposition processes is a plus
  • Ability to characterize / analyze the films for their physical and electrical properties (such as XRD, XRR, SIMS, 4-point probe, Hall measurements, SEM & TEM etc).  Establishing correlation between process results & the Epi tool towards optimizing the process, meeting HVM requirements is a highly desired
  • Fundamental knowhow of semiconductor devices & process integration is a plus
  • Ability to independently manage complex process development projects, including personnel, project schedules, experimental thrusts, hardware procurement and budgetary oversight.
  • Ability to be a process consultant to internal and external customers
  • An authority on interplay between hardware design (e.g. chemical reactor design) and operation and process outputs
  • Ability to comprehend the film requirements of customers and applying that knowledge to develop epitaxial solutions towards meeting the technical criteria and HVM requirements
  • Understanding of semiconductor Epitaxial film deposition processes and associated characterization & analysis of film properties
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and characterize deposition processes using first-principles and experimental design techniques (e.g. DOE).
  • Experience in interpretation of results from materials characterization techniques such as XPS, SIMS, RBS, AFM, XRD, HRTEM, FESEM, Auger, Raman and ellipsometry
  • Thought leadership in developing novel ideas and validating them through good experimental design approaches in a team environment
  • Ability to independently initiate & manage complex process development projects, including personnel, project schedules, experimental plans while maintaining fiscal responsibility
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, verbally and written form and present advanced technical constructs in direct and concise manner.