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Campos EPC
CO, United States

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Integrity Engineer


Minneapolis, MN 

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As a integrity engineer, you will work as part of a team with other entry level engineers, senior engineers, project managers, and clients to review oil and natural gas pipeline system design specifications and maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP).
Responsibilities include reviewing as-built design specifications including but not limited to mechanical configuration, material selection, pressure capacity, and hydrotesting records. Additional responsibilities including pipeline design pressure calculation and preparing engineering figures, reports, and procedures.
A qualified incumbent or applicant must learn to perform with or without reasonable accommodation:
a. reviewing historical as-built specifications, drawings, and other records including design calculations;
b. reviewing hydrostatic test records and other pipeline inspection documents;
c. completing site visits to oil and natural gas facilities;
d. defining and tracking project milestones, scope of work, schedule, and estimates with support from senior engineers and project managers; and
e. development of Excel data management workbooks.
Preferred: Bachelor of Science Degrees: Mechanical, Chemical, or Materials Engineering