Electrical Repairman

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Axiom International
Clearwater, FL, United States

Phone: 727-442-7774
Web Site: AxiomInt.com

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Electrical Repairman


Clearwater, FL 



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Electrical Repairman

Clearwater, Florida, United States, Full time


Job description

Axiom in Clearwater, Florida is looking for an Electronics Technician to join the team.

Axiom develops software for the top architectural and engineering firms on the planet. Our customers design and build everything from highways and bridges to sports stadiums.

For over 30 years we have been providing these firms with software that improves their productivity and efficiency, allowing them to get things done more accurately and quickly.

At Axiom, we take care of those who design the future.

Overview of duties:

The specialist is responsible for keeping a wide range of electronic devices operational. This could be the debugging or repairing of existing devices or the setting up/installing of new equipment. This includes electronic devices of all types, such as entertainment systems, remote controls, home automation devices, cordless phone systems, cellphones, appliances, security systems, light switches, electrical outlets, automated pool equipment, and so on.


Job Type: Full-time



Required skills:

The ability to use basic tools such as a voltmeter, ohmmeter and soldering iron.
Familiar with or be able to learn to use specialized electronic equipment such as a car diagnostic code reader (to determine the source of and debug issues with vehicles).
Possess basic knowledge of setting up and debugging AV equipment.
The ability to run electrical wires inside the walls to create new outlets or lights when needed.
The ability to learn complex subjects quickly and communicate those concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.
Expert in written communication and grammar.
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Pay: $15.00 - $30.00 per hour