Network Administrator

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Axiom International
Clearwater, FL, United States

Phone: 727-442-7774
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Network Administrator


Clearwater, FL 



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Job Description:

Axiom will pay $80,000 per year for a well-qualified, experienced IT manager or Network Administrator.
Ideally, we are looking for someone with at least three years’ experience as an IT manager or similar senior role.
Duties Include:
·       Overall administration and maintenance of a Windows network.
·       Installing and troubleshooting gadgets, hardware and software.
·       Investigating and handling things that do not make sense. Example: Why does a document behave differently when opened in two different versions of Word?
·       Handling backups, network security and anti-malware.
·       Assisting other teammates with password resets, granting permissions, software installations, and so on.
Needed Skills:
·       Competent with the usual IT skills such as those covered in any of the various IT training or certification programs.
·       Experience with hardware such as desktops, laptops, routers, disk drives, power supplies and so on.
·       Experience in researching, selecting and proposing optimum hardware and software solutions.
·       Experience in troubleshooting the same.
·       Excellent written and verbal English.
·       Experience with writing macros would be a plus.
·       An A+ certificate or similar training certificate would be an advantage (but not required in order to apply).