Manufacturing Engineer

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Manufacturing Engineer


Omaha, NE 



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Manufacturing Engineer
Omaha, NE
Our Omaha, NE client is looking to hire a Manufacturing Engineer. The Manufacturing Engineer  works with the Operations Managers with all operations, the manufacturing teams in both operations, and the design engineering staff to develop and implement manufacturing methods and processes that will produce the product in conformance to engineering specifications at the lowest cost possible. The Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for continuous improvement projects and efforts that will improve production efficiency and productivity and reduce manufacturing costs across all product lines. The Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for establishing initial production costs and production cost/time standards and then making improvements in production processes to reduce said costs and cycle times. The Manufacturing Engineer will establish process methods and routings for all products produced in the U.S.
Key Responsibilities:
During the production cycle, ensures all information related to product requirements is available to production through SAP outputs and assure that the establishment of routing information and work instructions have been properly added to the production orders in SAP.
Responds to manufacturing issues/challenges on a daily basis to make a determination of root cause, and take appropriate actions to alleviate problems and improve the manufacturing processes.
Assign accurate process costs and costing standards in SAP, including labor standard costs, to all manufactured items. Provides costing estimates to sales for quoting purposes when requested.
Reviews and approves all Engineering Requests on behalf of U.S.  manufacturing to assure that routings are properly established for all components, sub-assemblies, and final assemblies produced by the U.S.  Assures that design outputs (engineering drawings and specifications) contain the information necessary for production personnel to manufacture a product that will conform to customer requirements.
Design machines, fixtures, tooling, material handling equipment, and automated processes to manufacture U.S. products. Must be able to convert these designs into drawings for fabrication and the ability to produce components. Must be able to design manufacturing processes that meet OSHA standards for safety and assure that no harm will come to personnel working with said manufacturing processes.
Thoroughly understand the costs involved with manufacturing products to meet engineering specifications and customer requirements, and identify opportunities for cost improvements (reductions).
Identify costs associated with manufacturing process investments and justify the need.
Be able to think "outside the box" and take risks associated with new opportunities.
Must possess and demonstrate the verbal and written communication skills to convey ideas to management and to achieve "buy-in" from manufacturing staff.
Ability to be resourceful in seeking resolutions to manufacturing-related problems.
Become an expert in 5S activities and support the efforts of the team by developing solutions to problems presented.
Through the course of production analyzes activities for inaccuracies and/or labor inefficiencies.
Analyzes situations to determine "make" or "buy" status.
Works closely with engineering to ensure products are designed around manufacturing capabilities. Be willing to share knowledge of production capabilities with the application engineers.
Conveys information related to employee performance to area supervisors.
Seeks out new opportunities on a daily basis.
Strives to do error-free work.
Supports and upholds the quality and EHS policy.
Upholds the Core Values.
Job Qualifications:
  • Qualified candidates will possess a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical or Manufacturing Engineering.
  • 3-5 years of experience in a manufacturing engineering role. 
  • Solidworks and MS-Office software knowledge required.