Strategic Planning Principal

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FedEx Custom Critical
Uniontown, OH, United States

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Strategic Planning Principal


Uniontown, OH 

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Assists the executive leadership team in the formulation, execution and revision of the company’s strategic plan. Facilitates strategic planning sessions with leadership, at all levels, to develop function level initiatives and projects to support the company strategies for generating revenue and achieving profitability goals.  Continues to scan the internal environment to ensure functional areas’ work focus continues to remain aligned with the established company’s strategies.  Works collaboratively and proactively with leaders and key contributors to analyze, monitor and identify issues and problems that could affect profitability, growth and productivity goals and results.
Facilitates the identification and execution of solutions and actions for improving processes and systems, while leveraging technologies.   Collects, analyzes, draws conclusions and delivers up to date research to senior leadership in key areas (external environment, competitors, trends, market/industry, customers, etc.).  Leads and drives large and complex projects and programs.  Provides direction, delegates and takes responsibility for the project lifecycle, while leading cross functional and FedEx teams.  Ensures strategic project plans are execute in a timely and quality manner (program management).  Manages our company’s strategy scorecard.   Directs and oversees the company’s communications of strategic plans, programs and progress. 
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
· Facilitates the formulation and execution of the company’s strategic plan. Works closely with leadership including the President and CEO and Executive Leadership Team.
· Uses proven strategic planning methodologies and tools for making the development and planning process easy to do, understandable and repeatable. 
· Directs the company’s efforts to conduct internal and external environmental scans including consolidating, analyzing, and providing up-to-date research to leadership (i.e., organizational readiness, business trends, competition analysis, regulatory requirements, market/industry trends and customer analysis).  
· Works collaboratively with leadership to align department strategies with company’s goals and objectives.  Ensures a solid prioritization process is applied for managing resources including systems, people and vendors.  Ensures the company remains focused, disciplined and on-target. 
· Directs and oversees the communication of company plans, progress and successes to the appropriate audiences. 
· Leads the process for developing and maintaining company and department-level strategy scorecards for monitoring progress, making course corrections and communicating misses and successes. 
· Leads and oversees large and complex projects as well as multi-phased programs through all phases of the project lifecycle. Mentors others to successfully lead strategic-focused projects.
· Manages vendor engagements and corporate working relationships in order to ensure the company has the resources needed to achieve its strategic goals and objectives.
Required Education:
A Bachelor’s degree is required for this position and a Master’s degree is preferred.
Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, engineering certification, or equivalent experience is preferred. Strategic Planning Certification (SPP, SMP, or SPA) or equivalent experience is also preferred.
Required Experience:
8-10 years of experience is preferred in strategic planning, project management, engineering, and consulting.

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