Mechanical Design Technologist - Manufacturing Drawings

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TRU Group Inc
Tucson, AZ, United States

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Mechanical Design Technologist - Manufacturing Drawings


Tucson, AZ 

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Manufacturing Drawings - Mechanical Design Technologist
(Plus Artistic Animations)

TRU Group needs a drawings specialist with strong experience in illustrations of manufacturing industry and related processes. A person who is a generalist and highly versatile as our drawing needs are diverse. The art is mainly for inclusion in confidential reports but some are for publications and presentations. TRU also needs to improve the graphics and pictures on its website. All graphics should portray highly professional engineering image. Candidate MUST show evidence of VERY strong capability in producing simple excellent clean graphics that load instantly. Qualifications or certification in relevant technical drawing such as AutoCAD 2011, Inventor 2009, Master CAM X 3, 3DS MAX, Adobe Creative Suite, and animation software. Freelancer individual is best and you work out of your own home so location is not important but north america preferred.
Please send your resume demonstrating strong expertise and substantial experience in technical drawing as soon as possible to TRU Group