Chemical Reaction Simulation Engineer - Lithium Compounds

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TRU Group Inc
Tucson, AZ, United States

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Chemical Reaction Simulation Engineer - Lithium Compounds


Tucson, AZ 

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Chemical Reaction Simulation Engineer - Lithium Chemistry Modeling

TRU Group Lithium Consultants seeks a technical engineering expert in all aspects of lithiun chemistry simulation and modelling. Simulation modeling for chemical processes for lithium compounda, lithium brine, spodumene ore, clays, mining, geothermal extraction, lithium extraction, lithium chemicals & Li metal manufacturing, engineering, refining and purification. May also involve simulation of extraction of other valuable minerals from brine such as potash, bromine, iodine and magnesium. The candidate must have a strong proven capability in modeling both brine resources and the downstream processing chemical reactions related to pond evaporation and chemical plant processing. A university degree in chemical engineering combined with geology would be an ideal base combination. However, a core requirement is ability to simulate chemical reactions and to optimize those chemical reactions. Expertise in dynamic process modeling software such as Gproms and OLI Stream Analyser and math-statistical programs like Matlab, Mathematica, Origin, Mathcad and JMP7 required
Please send your resume demonstrating strong expertise and substantial experience in all aspects of chemistry modeling and chemistry simulation as soon as possible to TRU Group Inc