AI Vision Systems for Autonomous Vehicles - Target Sensing

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TRU Group Inc
Tucson, AZ, United States

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AI Vision Systems for Autonomous Vehicles - Target Sensing


Tucson, AZ 

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TRU Group Inc seeks a technical engineering expert in all aspects of autonomous vehicles (driver-less cars) both present and futuristic especially with respect to the ability of the system to sense road targets, such as signs. This is an assignment in prospect that involves Artificial Intelligence AI Vision for Autonomous Vehicles. The project  involves (ultra-wideband) radar, (MEMS) ultrasound, vision based systems, 3D laser scanning, visual data capturing, cameras & laser technology, sensors, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and image processing software. Our objective will be to determine what products a company should develop to respond to both the current and expected autonomous vehicle space. The candidate must have strong hands-on experience in the technologies currently used and under development by autonomous vehicle manufacturers. In particular, technical expertise is needed to quickly identify the equipment. Applicant should be a mechanical, robotics, artifical intelligenc AI or similar relevant engineering graduate with significant hands on experience in the technologies related to autonomous vehicle fraternity potentially gained from work in the electronics, aerospace, robots, automation and machine vision sectors. This is an part-time consulting position working from your home so your location is not important. Please send your resume demonstrating strong expertise and substantial experience in the engineering technologies stated above as soon as possible to TRU Group Inc