Electrical Engineer

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Peerless Creations LLC
Ledgewood, NJ, United States

Phone: 973-448-7556
Web Site: www.peerlesscreations.com

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Electrical Engineer


Ledgewood, NJ 

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Job Description:

Looking for an Electrical Engineer, Electrical Technician with a wide range of skills who is interested in joining a fast growing company. 

Electrical Engineer
Director of Strategic Product Development

Key Responsibilities:
1. Product development – creating BOMs, Build Guides,
     -Applies electrical engineering and associated principles and techniques to design, develop, document, verify, support, and troubleshoot electronics hardware 

2. Electronics hardware design and PCB design using Altium CircuitStudio

3. Microcontroller programming / development

4.  Software development:
     -Windows Software Development with focus on C#
     -Linux development knowledge

5. Open communications with Engineers, Customers, and Manufacturers
     -Creation of scope documents
     -Calculations of efforts to support scope

6. Electronics circuit analysis testing and troubleshooting

7. Product assembly and Soldering abilities
     -Assembly of new products
     -Troubleshoot and evaluate product repairs

8. Managing customer orders and product inventory
     -Assign work load to support staff
     -Source and order components to complete orders
     -Create timeline and identify resources to meet delivery dates

9. Network management
     -File server maintenance

Other Responsibilities:
Shipping / receiving
Operating / running 3D printer


1.  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology or equivalent education and experience.
2.  Demonstrates ability to apply engineering theories, concepts and principals to achieve technical specifications and objectives, complete assignments and projects within schedule

3. Independently driven to achieve project goals

Salary is negotiable based upon your experience. We offer sick/vacation days, health benefits, and a 401K plan.