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EEant Technology CO., LTD is dedicated in the R&D, manufacturing, sale and promotion of RF Module.

RF Receiver Module has a high requirement for impedance matching of antenna, which requires the impedance of external antenna to be 50 ohm, otherwise it will have a great impact on the receiving sensitivity. Therefore, 23 cm is the best for ordinary conductor with 1/4 wavelength. The length of the lead wire from the antenna root to the RF Transmitter Module antenna welding should be reduced as much as possible. If it cannot be reduced, RF coaxial cable with characteristic impedance of 50 ohm can be used for connection.

The signal received from the external antenna of RF Module is coupled to the frequency selection network composed of L3 and C9 through C8 for impedance transformation and then input to pin 14 of the internal high frequency amplifier input terminal of RX3310. After high frequency amplification (gain of 15 ~ 20DB) in the chip, the signal is mixed with rf module oscillation signal (316.8m) by mixer to generate 1.8m if signal. After internal if amplification, the if signal is output from the 3rd pin, and then into the comparator for amplification and reshaping, and finally the data is output from the 8th pin.


Remote Receiver Module | RXB8
RF Remote Module | RXB9
RF Radio Module | RXB10
RF Modulator Module | RXB11
RX Receiver Module | RXB12
Superheterodyne Receiver Module | RXB22
Superheterodyne Receiver Module | ET-RX-13

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