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Advanced Seismic Instrumentation and Research

Carbondale, CO, United States

Phone: +1 214 934 0752
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ASIR is a borehole-seismic instrumentation and Research and Development company specializing in both instrumentation for, and high sensitivity monitoring and analysis of microearthquake
activity. ASIR is a small firm, employs a total of 8 individuals, who all share in office, shop, and field work as needed – the latter all around the world. Our instruments and services are used in geothermal, O&G, other non-conventional, waste disposal, and civic hazard studies of both natural and induced earthquakes. Our instrument manufacturing facility is located in western Colorado, in Carbondale, where we have a 3000 sq ft fabrication and test facility for instrument construction. We currently have active instrument deployment and earthquake monitoring service and support contracts in the EU, South America, and East Asia. (please see for further background).

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