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Entech Engineering

PA, United States

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We started as a small energy firm in 1981, focused on helping clients make informed decisions to effectively reduce and manage the energy consumption of their buildings and campus infrastructure assets, via audits, assessments, planning, and mechanical and electrical engineering design services.

Since then, we have continually expanded our offerings to include civil, water, wastewater, natural gas, and environmental, planning and design services that allow us to better fulfill our mission. Having these comprehensive technical capabilities provides a deep understanding of the relationships between the systems of building and infrastructure assets.

Today, our core planning and consulting services revolve around facilities, campuses, and municipal and oil & natural gas infrastructure and include: energy, carbon reduction, utilities, deferred maintenance, and environmental compliance. Furthermore, we manage data and the integration of data silos within database environments for convenient storage, updating, and reporting of key metrics to support meeting your organizational mission. Planning services are supported by full electrical, mechanical, civil, and environmental engineering to implement planned projects and accomplish goals.

We are a highly motivated team of professionals focused on helping our clients best utilize their resources through informed decision making. This takes leadership, clear communications, teamwork, creativity, hard work, and a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. We value these qualities along with involvement in local community and professional organizations. We strongly believe in leveraging an individual’s strengths to make our world better. We provide opportunities to all staff to expand their skills and experiences by offering a professional, supportive, and family-friendly environment.

We are growing in both our service offerings and areas, and we are looking for leaders who want to grow with us.


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