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Applicadthai Public Company Limited

Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: 095-365-6863
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On September 13, 1994, a young computer engineer from King Mongkut’s University of technology saw the great opportunity of 3D design software after he had been working for three years as a support engineer for UNIX and CAD software on SUN Workstations.  He thought that 3D design software would become the most significant tool for engineers in the future. Therefore, he decided to establish Applicad Public Company Limited to be the distributor of AutoCAD, AutoPLANT and especially SolidWorks, which is the leading 3D software for industrial design that meets both the requirements of the engineers and satisfies the customers’ needs. This software also helps the engineers to work faster, more effectively, more accurately and reduces complexity at the same time. He has successfully employed the technology in the working process and has let it be the principle of practice until this very day.

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