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Town of Eagle

Eagle, CO, United States

Phone: 970.328.9618
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Established in 1887, incorporated in 1905, the town of Eagle became the County seat in 1921; Council-manager form of government led by a 7-member town board of trustees elected at large for four-year term.   The trustees appoint the Town Manager, Town Attorney, Municipal Court Judge and members of advisory commissions and committees.  The Town’s General Fund Budget for FY 2017 is $6.1 million with a Capital budget of $774,000.

The Town Manager, Brandy Reitter, oversees a staff of approximately 48 dedicated and team oriented employees with an average longevity of 10 years. 

Eagle provides a full range of services including:  police protection, recreational activities, community and economic development, street improvements and maintenance services, parks maintenance, events, sewer and general administrative and support services.  Fire service is provided by the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District.

Eagle sales tax was 4%.  However, in 2016, the citizens voted to approve a .05% sales tax increase to fund the Eagle River Park and Corridor until 2046 (30 years).  

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