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Austin Water

Austin, TX, United States

Phone: 512-972-0402
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Austin Water Treatment is on eo fthe largest program areas in Austin Water comprised of eight workgroup areas around Austin.

Water Treatment treats our water to provide some of the highest quality drinking water in the country

Pump Stations & Reservoirs monitors the City's water distribution system and ensures reliable distribution from the City's reservoirs to customers

Lift Stations and Remote Facilities pump wastewater or sewage from lower to higher elevations throughout Austin to wastewater treatment plants, where it is then treated prior to being discharged back to the Colorado River

Wastewater Treatment treats sewer water in accordance with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations to return to the Colorado River or reuse through the City's Water Reclamation program

BioSolids Treatment converts the sludge removed from wastewater treatment facilities into a composting product called "Dillo Dirt", which is used in the City of Austin parks, and available to the general public

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