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VirTra, Inc.

Tempe, AZ, United States

Phone: 4809681488
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We develop, sell and support use of force training and marksmanship firearms training systems and accessories for law enforcement, military, educational or civilian use.

Our simulators use software, hardware and content to create uniquely effective and realistic training that does not require live ammunition or less-than-lethal munitions, which can both save money and provide certain training capabilities unavailable to live fire exercises.

We have developed a higher standard in simulation training including capabilities such as: multi-screen, video-based scenarios, unique scenario authoring ability, superior training scenarios, the patented Threat-Fire™ shoot-back system, powerful gas-powered simulated recoil weapons, and more.

The VirTra simulator allows marksmanship and realistic scenario-based training to take place on a daily basis without the need for a shooting range, protective equipment, role players, safety officers, or a scenario-based training site. The simulator also allows students to receive immediate feedback from the instructor without the potential for sustaining injuries by the instructor or the students. The instructor is able to teach and re-mediate critical issues, while placing realistic stress on the students due to the realism and safe training environment created by the VirTra simulator.

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