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Aqara is a well know smart home brand having provided 1 million users over 6 millions devices. The Aqara portfolio includes a very wide range of smart home devices: smart home hub, smart sensors, smart switches, smart door locks, smart light bulbs, smart controllers and smart cameras. The ultra quality with affordable price is one of the key tag from Aqara. 

Aqara Stores

The company inaugurated its “4S” (Service, Sales, Solution and Survey) flagship store to provide a real-life smart home experience. Aqara has more than 350 service providers, with more than 300 smart home experience stores.

​Apple Store

Aqara has more than 20 products connected to Apple HomeKit perfectly compatible with Apple’s ecosystem. In April 2019, eight 
Aqara products were officially launched on Apple Online Store, including Aqara Hub, Door and Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, 
Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Water Leak Sensor, Wireless Switch, Wall Switch and LED Light Bulb. Five of these products 
are also currently available in 42 Apple Stores in mainland China.

Safety & Security Monitoring

Enable the Alert Mode

If abnormal movement is detected via the door or motion sensor, or if valuables are moved, the Camera Hub will sound an alarm and send a 12 second video to your phone. You can also monitor the safety of your child via your phoneat any time.

Detect Abnormal Activities

Once abnormal level of natural gas, smoke or water is detected, Aqara Hub will sound an alarm and push a notification to your phone.

Ensure the Well-being of your Family

Baby Room

A slight change in temperature or humidity can make your baby restless. With an Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor and a Camera Hub, you can check room temperature and monitor baby room in real time, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your child.

Elderly Care

When signs of elderly inactivity have been detected over a period of time, the Hub will send a push notification to your phone. If the elderly is experiencing physical discomfort, an emergency notification can be placed at the touch of a Wireless Mini Switch. Aqara Hub can also act as a night light that can be automatically turned on when motion is detected, making everyone's lives  safer and easier.

Our Advantages

  • Easy Installation
  • Powerful Data Capture
  • Highest Standard of Quality
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio
  • Open Platform 
  • Connects to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Mi Home
  • Beautiful Design
  • Compact, Elegant Design to Fit the Style of any Home

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