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Plasco Conversion Technologies

Ottawa, ON, Canada

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As world population increases and developing economies grow, solid waste is becoming an ever more urgent problem.  Legacy energy-from-waste solutions are not environmentally pristine, cost a great deal, and aren’t liked by the public.  Many newer technologies have not offered a solution that is clean, reliable, and attractive to investors.

To fill this gap, Plasco spent more than a decade, over $400M USD and more than 1.2 million man-hours in development and demonstration of its patented Gasification and Plasma Refining System (GPRS).  Under new management, the company has refined its business model and relationships over the past two years. It is now delivering GPRS plants worldwide.

Plasco sells the GPRS equipment and its expertise to end users through global EPC firms, who are responsible for integrating that equipment in turnkey projects.  Plasco has allied with Linamar Corporation, one of Canada’s largest manufacturing firms, to supply the GPRS equipment.  After months of due diligence, one of the world’s largest EPCs has joined Plasco in project delivery, and a major underwriter has agreed to provide technology insurance.

Plasco’s GPRS converts solid waste into a synthetic fuel gas suitable for powering IC engines and co-fueling gas turbines. Diversion from landfill is over 96 vol.%, with no fly ash.  Co-products are a nonleachable slag and clean water.  Efficiency is high. Emissions are the lowest of all thermal processes.  The GPRS can process unsorted mixed wastes, refuse derived fuels, and many types of hazardous waste.

Plasco’s product and project engineering is done by its internal core group, supported by our external partners.  Due to the strong international market response, Plasco is seeking to augment its internal engineering group.  We are looking for people who have integrity, purpose, talent, and who are willing to work collaboratively to get things done.  We foster the development of top talent in a dynamic work environment while empowering employees to make a significant contribution to our communities.

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