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Android Industries LLC

Auburn Hills, MI, United States

Phone: 2487320049
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Android supplies complex modular assemblies and manages the global supply chain. Android’s portfolio of products includes chassis modules; a wide variety of suspension modules, front horizontals, front and rear verticals, and a signature product and globally patented process for tire and wheel assembly. Android’s team also assembles interior product such as instrument panels / cockpit modules, consoles, doors, and headliners / overhead modules, using Android’s proprietary technology. 

Since 1974, Android has designed and built its own tooling and equipment, incorporating lean manufacturing principles and poke yoke / error proofing throughout all assembly processes. Our unique tooling and equipment competency allows Android to offer its customers a cost and quality advantage because Android’s manufacturing system is flexible and scalable, easily adapted to match fluctuating market demands. 

Android manages approximately $8 billion of inventory each year and has assembled more than 130 million modules since 1990.

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