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Arizona Foundation Solutions

Phoenix, AZ, United States

Phone: 602.470.1311
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Highly awarded Foundation repair concret leveling and underpinning
The structural integrity of a home or business foundation is critical the safety of your family and the community. A cracked or buckling foundation will lower the property value of your home, office, parking garage, or any structor and cause unnecessary stress & worry. The best way to solve a structural problem is to understand what brought on the foundation or slab issues in the first place, and then have a customized solution designed specifically for the problems with your homes foundation. Arizona Foundation Solutions has been in trusted by homeowners and business owners in Arizona since 1988 and is an authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer with more than 20 years of experience handling soil improvement, deep foundation repair and all types of structural repair.
One thing you can be sure of if you have a foundation problem, is that it will only get worse when ignored, leaving you exposed to potential property damage, and even health & safety risk for you and your family. Our team of experienced, highly trained experts can repair your foundation and stabilize your home, making it structurally sound, like it was when your home was built. We provide all types of foundation repair services, including soil stabilization, concrete lifting, crack stitching, stem wall repair, compaction, pressure grouting, crack repair, and much more.

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